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Per Rotato Ad Astra

Mefight Club is all about


A happy haven from toxic gaming culture.


Have fun, and in doing so, don't mess up other people's fun.

Grown Up Gamers

Old farts are the best farts.


Per rotato ad astra!



Mefight Club started way back in ye olde 2007 as an offshoot community of Metafilter (a site where members are collectively known as 'Mefites', and that's how we get to 'Mefight' Club), dedicated to having a safe, groovy place to hang out together and play and talk about the games we love. For our three thousand (and increasing) members, it's a haven for adults who love gaming to get away from the dumbness, racism, sexism, homophobia, and general hurrrr of much of the rest of the gaming world, and just hang out with swell pals. We value friendship, kindness, open-mindedness, generosity, and scotch. And games. Not necessarily in that order.

Can I Get In On This?

We haven't required that new members have a Metafilter account for years now, but if you are a MeFi member, well, sign up and come on in! If you don't know Metafilter from Fark, but you'd love to have a place that's literate, smart, friendly and grownup to hang out and play games with other like-minded gaming folks, that's OK, too. Our door is always open. Create an account, introduce yourself, and join in the fun.

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I remain aloft and I forget a lot.
But wait! There's more! OK, actually, there isn't more. That's all there is. I love you all.

Hah! I lied to you about the no more part. There's more alright. There's also

Levels of Detail

Visit Levels of Detail today! Click, win, repeat.

and Gamefilter (which is no more, sadly)!

Frag it and move on.

MefightClub is powered by rotato and you. Yes, you.